Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Day on the Trails

On Thursday I bought my first Mountain Bike, a Giant Boulder.  It's a low end bike in the Giant product line, but very appropriate for a first bike, particularly given the price I paid for it on Craigslist.  To break it in, Jeff and I headed out to the Chuck Lennon Mountain Bike Trails and did two laps around the 6 mile course.  This was our second visit, the first one was two weeks ago.  This time we pushed a bit harder and completed the Blue Intermediate Trail. We decided wisely to stay away from what I call the Red Trail of Death.  We had a great time, although I ended up on the ground once, close the ground several times, and brought home an impressive scrape--and most likely an impressive bruise--from a wonderful shin to pedal collision. It was that or hit the tree.  We hope to get out on the trails at least twice a month as part of our training. I hope as we gain experience I can stay in control of the bike a bit more, or at least reduce the number of times I yell..."oh shit!"

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